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Dr. Redka-Swoboda TEOXANE LABORATORIES GENEVA - 5th Teoxane Expert Day - 10. November 2012 Düsseldorf

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Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues and dear friends,

After a brief interlude in 2014, we are delighted to welcome you again today to our TEOXANE EXPERT DAY (TED), this time being held in Munich.
The 5th TED, scheduled for 9 May 2015, is also the 10th company anniversary for us at TEOXANE in Germany. Looking back, we are very proud that our programme which brings you international experts and makes it possible to present their knowledge within a broad arena has sparked so much interest.

This event format has found worldwide acceptance over the last five years – both at our company headquarters in Geneva and Paris and in numerous other countries.The TEOXANE EXPERT DAY has now also been implemented three times as an international event, as well as taking place in Russia, England, Romania and Turkey.

The theme of the 5th TED, “WAYS OF BEAUTY”, is intended, in the first instance, to consist in a retrospective of the history of aesthetics using fillers, a look back at TEOXANE’s success story and a prospective view of the future, incorporating new products and auxiliary resources so as to produce an optimal outcome for its medical ambit. Concomitantly, we would also like to briefly address the exciting aspect of facial anatomy, since knowledge of this is indispensable when the complex fundaments of facial injection procedures are involved. Legal aspects specific to an ever increasing variety of products on the market, and engagement with the issue of me-too products, are further waysthat we would like to tread with you. It is not just medical expertise that is inherent in an optimal treatment outcome and optimal customer satisfaction but also knowledge of diverse products, an aesthetic and artistic eye and manual dexterity when deploying the various injection techniques, as well as particular emphasis on access to patients by word of mouth. This important communication channel will also constitute a component of the programme.

Bearing in mind Goethe’s statement, “All theory is grey, and green the golden tree of life”, we have also extended invitations to Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh and Dr Kieren Bong, two very experienced colleagues from Great Britain. In the course of live demonstrations, the two experts will present their techniques and waysto beauty. Just as is the case with our spectrum of products, we would like our Expert Day to provide individual dashes of colour derived from our spectrum of ideas so as to hone the outcomes of your aesthetic and artistic patient-centric work.

Just as progress – be it by means of consistent improvement of our fillers, by way of the optimised cross-linking of our hyaluronic acid fillers or through permanent optimisation of our cosmeceuticals – cannot be compromised, we regard it as our responsibility to consistently re-configure our further training programme.

Therefore, we have resolved not to implement TED 2016 in the current format but to replace it with a new, modern design. So let us look to the future with anticipation, factoring in a – hopefully – successful conclusion to the TED series.

I hope that, as always, the 5th TED in Munich will enrich your daily practice.

We would like to celebrate the 10th anniversary of TEOXANE Germany among friends and in a spirit of togetherness in the course of a hearty “Bavarian Night”.

I and the entire TEOXANE team look forward to seeing you again in Munich.

Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda